Millennial Plant Dad 
THE CONCEPT: The idea is to do an illustration about the popularity of houseplants. I've read a couple articles about the subject of houseplants becoming very popular, especially among millennials, who often can't afford to have a big yard, kids, or even a pet. For example, at my age my mom was married, but instead of that I have a 7ft Bird of Paradise sitting in my kitchen. It says a great deal about the state of our economic standing as well as what younger generations value and desire. 

I want the viewer to see houseplants from the point of view of someone who cares very deeply about their plants— as if they were a beloved pet or even a child. 
So, my piece is from the perspective of a parent looking through their car's mirror at their "kids" buckled up in carseats— except instead of children, there are plants buckled in the back seat.
THE PROMPT: You have just landed an assignment at a major news or technology magazine, and must create an editorial illustration which brings a long article to life, as the visual hook to engage the reader.

Your task is to choose the subject matter, and give the piece the emotion that it needs to convince the scanning reader to stop and read the story. You are free to do the work on any subject you like. It is very important that you express a point of view in the visual story, which goes further than just presenting a topic neutrally. You are free to bring your own concept to class for this assignment.

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