Serenetea Branding Exercise
I wanted to practice my branding skills, so I developed a small-scale exercise for myself: I had to come up with an idea for a business with a product to advertise, create a name for the business, and construct branding materials based off of the hypothetical company. 

The company idea I came up with is a tea company. The three words I decided to use to describe the overall feel of the brand were modern, genuine, and simple. Based on these words I came up with the name "Serene Tea" or "SereneTea" as a name, and I started working with that. But, as I was creating a logo and label for the product, I discovered that by making the "T" lowercase, I could make the word for the brand sound like "serenity", so I moved forward with that idea. 
On the left is the original logo with Serene Tea as the brand name. On the left is the finished logo with Serenetea as the brand name.
Next, I incorporated the Logo into a label for the Packaging, and I created a background image to print on the box.
I added a texture to the label to demonstrate that the label would be printed on high quality, textured paper to give the brand a more authentic feel. In addition, this helps engage with the consumer's sense of touch, which can aid in brand familiarity.
Finally, I created two mockups of the logo/label design. The cube was created from scratch to demonstrate what the packaging might look like if the individual tea bags were to be sold in a simple box. This was also a good opportunity for me to practice creating 3 dimensional forms in photoshop. 

The second mockup was created to show what the teabags themselves might look like. 
The original photograph used for the teabag mockup can be found here
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