"Pitch Imperfect" EP Cover
This is an EP cover for the George Washington University Pitches, an a cappella group. The EP is called "Pitch Imperfect", so I wanted to create a cover that evokes that idea of perfection through imperfection- gaining strength by embracing unexpected or differing aspects of the self and using them to one's advantage. This EP and this EP cover both explore this concept of embracing perceived imperfections while also playing off of the word "imperfect". 

The "Im" part of the word "Imperfect" is set aside by pulling the teal-green color from the radial succulent, suggesting that the "Im" is actually the word "I'm". So, following this theme of embracing dissenting quasi-imperfections, the word "imperfect" becomes "I'm Perfect", demonstrating that often it is the mistakes that make something great- genuine perfection through imperfection. 
Created for use by The GW Pitches, Adobe Illustrator, 2017
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